JRF study – qualitative research on coping with exlusion

Nice link to a 2005 piece of research I just stumbled accross – I’m really posting it to remind myself to look at it at some point! Seams like a good piece of research to challenge the determinism of labelling theory. http://www.jrf.org.uk/publications/school-exclusion-and-transition-adulthood-african-caribbean-communities

Sociology on TV – Women, the BBC Documentary

This BBC documentary is in three episodes – the first charts the rise of the Feminist movement in  the 1970s ,and includes interviews with radical Feminists such as Susan Brownmiller, Kate Millet and Germain Greeer. The second episode focusses on interviews with families and looks at the variety of domestic roles today while the final […]

Web site of the Week – RSA videos

  I just wanted to flag up these RSA videos as an excellent way of introducing some very complex ideas – the ideas covered in these videos go beyond sociology – there are typically about theories that draw on many different academic disciplines, but for those of you that like thinking about sociology/ politics/ philosophy […]

Tory cuts – Britain’s Shock Doctrine

Hey kiddos – my predictions about the toryscum shafting people and planet for the sake of corporate profits have come true – Check out this item  in which George Monbiot outlines how Giddeon’s cuts benefit his corporate chums. A brief extract – ‘Public bodies whose purpose is to hold corporations to account are being swept away. Public bodies […]

Summary of Runaway World by Anthony Giddens

There has been a considerable amount of research and theorising into globalisation and its consequences over the past decade, yet little of this has filtered down to students of A level Sociology. This article aims to address this by summarizing Anthony Giddens’ views on globalisation and its consequences for culture and identity in the West, […]

Web site of the Week – The Centre for Crime and Justice Studies

The Centre for Crime and Justice Studies is an excellent site for keeping up to date with Criminological research – They say of themselves ‘Our mission is to promote just and effective responses to crime and related harms by informing and educating through critical analysis, research and public debate.’ You can subscribe to a monthly bulletin and they do […]

The best books I ever read…..

Books – Ah books – If only students would read them! My top five books with sociological content At some point I will do a detailed analysis of why these books are in my top five – but for the most part it’s because they are typically based on rigorous research and move theoretical debates […]

Sociopops – Fortress Europe – Asian Dub Foundation

Clearly reflexive! – Basically commenting on the hypocrisy of the west’s role in instigating wars abroad, adding to the problems of refugees and the amount of people in need of asylum, and then tightening boarder controls to prevent people getting into Britain – the song is a clear statement that asylum is a right – […]

Kat Banyard – Violence against women

A few quotes adapated from Banyard’s ‘The equality illussion’ Amnesty International has declared violence against women as the gratest human rights scandal of our times. One in four women in the UK will experience violence at the hand of a current or former partner One in three women in the world has been beaten, coerced […]