Dolce and Gabbana – tax evaders and sweat shop entrepeneurs – not that you’d know

A Milan prosecutor has requested that Dolce and Gabbana be put on trial for alleged tax evasion amounting to one billion Euros. What they have basically done is funnelled royalties on their brands through a sister company in Luxembourg, paying a much lower tax rate of tax in that country and avoiding paying the higher rate of […]

The Hague – where leaders of poor countries face trial for war crimes

A couple of items from ‘The Week’ highlighting two recent court cases demonstrate how power can distort international criminal justice – In the first case, Jean-Pierre Bemba, the former vice-president of the Democratic Republic of Congo, has gone on trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Court in the Hague. […]

The continued relevance of Marxist Theory part 3

Marxist Theory is still relevant because…. There is some evidence that those with economic power still have disproportionate influence over the superstructure. I should just point out that the point of this post is to provide soundbites that you can use in an exam (or an arguement with a Tory supporter of the neo-liberal state […]

The continued relevance of marxist theory part 2

Hi, just a few links to previous blogs  – building on the theme of ‘the continued relevance of Marxist Theory’ – which we will look at in class from Friday… One reason you could argue that Marxism is still relevant is because…. Exploitation still lies at the heart of the Capitalist system There is a weighty body […]

The Transnational Capitalist Class

This is my best effort so far at making some fairly complex ideas understanable to a typical 17 year old Sociology student – read it and good luck! Held and Mcgrew (2007) suggest that Global Corporations have become the driving force behind ‘economic globalisation’ and wield considerable power in determining where in the world production […]

Yet more evidence of business interests being put first

An extremely worrying post from George Monbiot that should make you very angry – ‘You’ve been told that nothing is sacred; that no state spending is safe from being cut or eroded through inflation. You’ve been misled. As the new public spending data released by the government show, a £267bn bill has been both ring-fenced […]

Eight ways in which Marxist theory is still relevant to an understanding of contemporary society

A class based analysis of global society is still relevant if you look at things globally. Exploitation still lies at the heart of the Capitalist system if you look at the practices of many Transnational Corporations. If you look at the recent bank bail outs it appears that those with economic power still have disproportionate […]

Sociopops – The Arctic Monkeys – guest starring Gordon Brown

Back in 2006, I thought it laughable that Gordon Brown expressed a liking for the Arctic Monkeys. Having just got around to listening to 2/3rds of an album – which seams to consist mainly of songs about socialising with precious little insight of any depth – I’m left wondering…  The Arctic Monkeys have obviously got, or at […]

David Cameron’s Happiness Agenda

It Sounds crazy – especially coming from a Tory Government whose economic policies spell misery for millions of people. David Cameron wants to measure how happy we are. Ronald Inglehart has been doing this since 1995 as part of the World Values Survey.  Ronald Inglehart’s research attempts to measure global happiness. Inglehart constructed a measurement of […]

Share the World’s Resources

Share the World’s Resources is one of my favourite sites for Global Development issues – it is packed full of interesting audio-visual resources on Globalisation, Poverty and Inequality, the economic crisis and, most importantly, alternatives to global capitalism. A particularly interesting, interactive feature is the ‘cost of war calculator’. I just learnt that for the cost of […]