Chevron thinks we’re stupid

You may have seen some of the new Chevron Ads – Here’s an example –

This advert and all of those in Chevron’s new ‘we care’ ad campaing should win an award – for the greatest distance between ad and underyling reality of all time.


To counter such blatent lies, the yes men are running an ‘adbust’ campaign – or you can vote for your favourite alternative advert at this web site.

However, I would advise that you just stick to sitting on your back side doing nothing, and under no circumstances should you go and buy spray paints using cash from a non-local store and then, in teams of at least three to allow for adequate look outs, go and vandalise any of Chevron’s new ads if you see them around town -that would be illegal!

It is imperative that you allow this Corporation to use its money to lie to the general public and keep them ignorant.

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