Thinking Allowed – Donating to Disaster Victims

People are much more likely to give money to help victims of natural disasters than to help people who have been victims of human made disasters. This is according to the latest research by Dr Hanna Zagefka. She draws on a comparison between the £300 million donated to 2004 Tsunami victims and the mere £30 […]

Website (blog) of the Week – The Guardian Poverty Matters Blog

The Guardian’s Poverty Matters Blog is my new no.1 RSS feed – which links into the broader website on Development issues at the Guardian I thoroughly recommend students link up to this feed, for anyone teaching development, I’d say it’s essential. There’s about 2-3 post a day, and they are typically only a few hundred […]

Wikileaks – exposing the extent of government lies

Nice article from Adbusters outlining the extent to which the US government deliberately lied to the general public about the number of civilian causalities in Afghanistan – we know this thanks to.. Wikileaks. I’m kind of glad I avoided the day by day revelations when it was in the news a month ago – now there’s enough distance to […]

Sociology on TV – Charlie Booker’s how TV ruined your life

Charlie Booker’s ‘How TV Ruined Your Life is an cynical look at how TV focusses on especially terrifying and macabre events – giving the impression that world is a much more dangerous, violent, and risky place than it actually is. It’s on iplayer for the next ten days only. Glad I taped it! I could live […]

Sociology on TV – Blood Sweat and Luxuries – Gold!

7 Brits in their 20s head off to Ghana  and get exhausted working alongside gold miners who earn £3-4/ day; upset when they stay with a gold miner and the 17 dependents in his family lamenting his lack of education;  and finally head off to a toxic waste dump to find children smashing apart old computers from […]

Teach Global Development – It’s fab!

We start the most important module in A2 this Wednesday – and my absolute favourite – Global Development. As far as I’m concerned any teacher who doesn’t offer this option at A2 Sociology is really letting the side down. This module, more than any other, appears to have escaped the clutches of the AQA agenda […]

America and Israel’s Cyberwar against Iran – oh, and free Gary Mckinnon!

Stuxnet, a computer virus which was created and launched by American and Isreali scientists took control of 1000 centrifuges at Iran’s nuclear enrichment facility in Natanz sometime in 2009, causing them to malfunction. This amounts to 1/5th of Iran’s nuclear capacity, and could delay their creating a bomb until 2015. Evidence for this virus being […]

Lifeinaday – ethnocentric postmodern nonsense or insightful representation of global culture?

“Life in a Day is a compilation of the most compelling images honed by executive producer Ridley Scott and his team,Their task was to create a unique cinematic experience: in beautiful and harrowing honesty, what it is to be alive on Earth today.” Well, that’s according to its promoters anyway. There’s a live screening on […]

Dodgy depression statistics

Blue Monday is apparantly the most depressing day of the year – there’s some debate over whether it was last Monday or today, the 24th of January – but because of a combination of poor weather and broken new year’s resolutions, one of these days is the most depressing day of the year! According to Ben Goldacre, […]

On the benefits of burning your children’s stuffed animals

Amy Chua’s latest book – Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother – argues against the weak, cuddling, Western parenting style, making the case that the much stricter approach of Chinese parents is superior. Some of the rules she subjected her own daughters to included – Never letting them attend sleepovers Never having ‘playdates’ never watching […]