The Joy of teen sex

If you're not shaggin' around by the time yer 16 and sharing the news on Facebook - you're a sexual frea
If you're not shaggin' around by the time yer 16 and sharing the news on Facebook - you're a sexual freak

So this is it – normal sexuality now involves a  size 16 30 year old bleached blonde ‘sexpert’  showing off her trunk load of dildos and advising an 18 year old with a prince albert on which of them he should shove up his ass.

Or at least that’s the impression you’d get if you witnessed this  piece of totally unrepresentative hyperreality that sticks to an age old media formula – find a few extreme cases – a couple of slappers, a young, outed gay virgin, and a few people with pierced genitals – all teens of course – and then get them to talk with a bunch of youthful 30 something sexperts who are ‘down with the kids’.

I just wonder if this kind of programme doesn’t just encourage the idea that if ‘I’m not  a bit of a sexual deviant then I’m just  not normal.’ – and these 30 something sexperts kind of give you the impression that if you haven’t accumulated a certain check list of sexual experiences (no need to go into details) by the time your their age then you’re a bit of a loser.

The author of this post says – ‘it’s making me feel old and unworldly’ – but not me –  I know it’s hyperreal and just about entertainment – but this show might  just make those people who don’t lead really exciting, adventurous sex lives, which many people simply don’t, feel even more like losers, when in fact they’re probably more ‘normal’ than any of the sex- obsessives appearing on this programme.

FYI – the Kinsey Institute actually looks at sex and sexuality in a more balanced way – but it’s just not quite as interesting as this show.

Now I wonder if I tag this post ‘teen’ and ‘sex’ I’ll get thousands of hits – possibly not because it’ll be lost in the sea of thousands of other posts with the same tags.

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