Social class and educational achievement essay plan

Assess the extent to which home based, rather than school – based factors account for social class based differences in educational achievement (20) Let this post stand as a monument to how much I hate marking essays – I just spent 20 minutes writing it – the unconscious motivation obviously being to avoid marking four dozen with same […]

Why boys underachieve and some policies to combat this- kind of an update

Just a quick summary of this video for those students who didn’t get a chance to see it in class due to technical problems – once the vid has outlined some of the reasons for boys underachievement it then goes onto look at some policies to combat this – you can’t forward through it to select […]

Boys maybe underachieving, but there’s still sexist bullying in schools!

Extract from Kat Banyard’s “The Equality Illusion” – Chapter 2 – Hands up for …………….. A gendered Education I thought students studying gender and education might like this piece of research – on the consequences of sexist bullying. This is literally copied straight out of the book above (2010), hopefully it should be obvious how […]

Tony Sewell – explaining black boys’ underachievement

A few details of Sewell’s explanations for the relative underachievement of British Caribbean boys Against people like David Gilborn, he argues that it’s ¨not  teacher Racism! He says there are ¨Multiple causes – Mainly out of school – Lack of legitimate opportunities to get a good education! Poverty High proportion of single mother households Cultural […]

Green beans, land grabs and biofuels

What, you might ask, do these have in common? – They are all examples of the developed world using land in the developing world to fuel high levels of consumption at the expense of local populations. All thes clips are from the BBC’s excellent ‘Future of Food’ series which aired in 2010. The first videos […]

Hans Rosling – Population growth, IKEA style

In this video Hans Rosling talks about population growth since 1960 to the present day and muses on what might happen by 2050 – using boxes as a visual aid to highlight how population growth occurs mainly in the developing world.  While this video is an excellent aid to understanding how population is growing and how world […]

Jamie – loved yer mushroom Risotto, but I find yer ‘dream school’ programme unpalatable.

Jamie, thanks for teaching me how to make a really nice Mushroom Risotto – in return I attach this document – which you might like to work through like my AS level students did last week – Education videos and Web links with Qs It will show you that the problem with your ‘dream school’ show is that it […]