A bad week for the beauty myth part 2

The problem with  spells of hot weather is that it lends opportunity for the’beautiful people’ to wear less clothes and smugly parade their toned bodies around. In fairness, it’s not every lad who walks around with their shirt off that does so to show off their muscles, and its not every girl wearing a skimpy […]

Good GCSEs – A levels – University = the road to success?

Edge is an independent foundation that claims that the UK suffers from a kind of academic snobbery, aiming to raise the status of vocational and practical learning in the UK. Edge argues that schools and parents put too much stress on students needing to get good GCSEs, and afterwards we tend to think that ‘A levels’ are […]

The Serious Crime Analysis Unit

You know those gripping scenes in crime movies where the crime investigating duo pull an all nighter to leaf through files of paper, newspaper clippings, CCTV footage etc… typically ending in a eureka moment that leads to to the offender – well the real world of criminological research isn’t anything like that – At least not according […]