The Andrew Lansley Rap

A wonderful piece highlighting just what a crook and a liar our current health minister Andrew Lansley is

I managed to get hold of the first verse of lyrics too –

The lyrics –


Andrew Lansley, greedy, Andrew Lansley, tosser

The NHS is not for sale you grey haired manky codger

[Verse 1]

So the budget of the PCTs

He wants to hand to the GP’s

Oh please. Dumb geeks are gonna buy from any willing provider

Get care from private companies

They saw the pie and they want a piece

Got their eyes on the P’s like mice for the cheese

I talk truth when I ride the beat

You talk shite when you speak

See money when you close your eyes to sleep. So fall back

Your face looks like a shrivelled up ball sack

The stuff that you chat is bull crap

I’m sure Andy Pandy snorts crack. Health minister, I mean sinister

You know your public will finish ya, is your brain really that miniature?

Give yourself an enema. Made filthy rich

By those who represent Walkers Crisps

Mars and Pizza Hut, proved your a health slut and your always talking shit

A hundred and thirty four pound an hour every week

That’s quite a lot of quids

And you came to the conclusion that

The food industry should be a little less strict

Scandal disclosed that you flipped your second home

You said your claims were within the rules

Filled your pockets, took us for jokes

So how would you cope when broke folk get ill

Injured and broke, but don’t have the dough

To get their life back on the road, so poor die slow, and the rich …

I know it’s old – but given that the debate hasn’t moved on – in that the Tories are claiming they are listening to the public over their concerns about the NHS reforms, but then just pressing ahead with those reforms anyway…

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