How BP and other oil companies get away with murder….

Do you know where the USA gets most of its oil from – It’s not Saudi Arabia, it’s not South America, not Nigeria – no, its Alberta, Canada, and Dirty Oil is a thoroughly depressing documentary that looks at the devastating environmental and social impacts of tar sands extraction from a region the size of […]

Crude – The real cost of oil

This documentary is the story of a lawsuit by tens of thousands of Ecuadorans against Chevron over contamination of the Ecuadorean Amazon.The case, worth $27 billion is one of the largest and most controversial legal cases on the planet. The Plaintiffs are suing Chevron for damage cause by 30 years of operation in the Amazon between 1960-1990. […]

Introducing Kweku Adoboli – White Collar Criminal

Nice example of a white collar crime with a huge economic cost – Former public school boy Kweku Adoboli, son of a former Ghanaian official to the United Nations, appeared in court today on two charges of false accounting and two counts of fraud while working for Swiss investment bank UBS.  The total estimated losses […]

Keynes vs Hayek Rap and a neoliberal water balloon analogy

Here’s a good couple of video resource for teaching basic economics – The Keyne’s Hayek rap (there’s a part two too) I also like this ‘water ballon’ analogy for teaching neoliberalism Neoliberalism As Water Balloon from Tim McCaskell on Vimeo.  

Happiness is just around the corner and other ‘anti-Capitalist’ cartoons

- Double header of Marxism* coming up in Sociology next week – The Marxist perspective on crime in A2 and intro to Marxism in AS – and here’s some nice cartoons that illustrate the broad marxist critique of Capitalism – Firstly, an animated cartoon – the rat race – And the non-animated version And secondly – from […]

The Message – RIP freedom of speach in the UK

This blog post reports how, on 3rd July 2011, twenty-six year old Manchester rapper Yosh was just starting his set at a community event in Rochdale’s Broadfield Park. He asked the crowd “who wants to hear how the police statistically stop more ethnic minorities than white people?”, and launched into The Message, at which point […]

My top four examples of elites getting away with crime

So in week 2 this term – we look at what the crusty old men at the AQA label the ‘Marxist’ perspective on crime – part of what they say the ‘Marxist’ perspective is involves the Criminal Justice System being unfair – here are four examples that support this view – four examples of elites getting […]