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Cops Behaving Badly

Posted by Realsociology on 31st October 2011

There’s an Interesting edition of Panorama on tonight – focussing on Police Misconduct – the programme draws on Freedom of Information responses from 47 of 53 UK forces for 2008-2010 which  reveal that there had been – 1,915 Findings of guilt for misconduct: 1,915 and of these 382 were dismissed or told to resign as [...]

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Buy (almost) Nothing Month

Posted by Realsociology on 31st October 2011

I am such a hopeless consumerist shit that in honour of ‘buy nothing day‘ later this month I’ve decided to make November my own personal ’buy (almost) nothing month’ – I’d recommend everyone else does the same. I’m seriously going to just buy next to nothing and invest some quality time in meditating and introspection – I [...]

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Why more of us should hate clothes shopping

Posted by Realsociology on 30th October 2011

I’ve just been clothes shopping for the first time in about four years. I hated every minute of it, I know I’m not the only one, and I know we’re right to hate it. Western culture presents this activity to me as an enjoyable leisure activity that will allow me to express something about myself [...]

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The Twitter challenge to Saudi Patriarchy

Posted by Realsociology on 29th October 2011

Listened a very interesting story on R4 today that illustrates the extent of patriarchy in Saudi Arabia – In this report  Samar Badawi tells of her father who abused her for over 15 years. but because of the guardianship system ended up in prison for seven months after trying to stop it – Women in [...]

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The links between St Paul’s board and the city

Posted by Realsociology on 29th October 2011

You’ve probably heard about Gile’s Fraser resigning because he couldn’t sanction the use of force to evict the only people in Britain willing to physically resist against the power finance Capitalism – I imagine that many on the board of St Pauls are extremely glad to see the back of him – given the close links between [...]

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Corporate Pay Rises by 49% – Another reason to support #LSX

Posted by Realsociology on 28th October 2011

Research from Income Data Services showed that directors of companies on Britain’s FTSE 100 index enjoyed a 49 percent rise in total salaries last year compared to 3 percent rise for the FTSE 100 in the last business year.The total annual pay for the directors now averages 2.7 million pounds This compares to a recent drop [...]

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Guy Fawkes Masks

Posted by Realsociology on 28th October 2011

I’m heading up to London in a couple of days to visit the revolution romancers outside St Pauls – after an NUT demo (followed by some beers) – these protests are pretty inspiring – in no way can I be cynical about them -  I’m especially interested in the use of the Guy Fawkes masks [...]

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Occupy LSX – can it really go from lifeworld to system?

Posted by Realsociology on 27th October 2011

Wandered up to LSX yesterday – I was mostly encouraged by what I saw to be honest – although the camp looked pretty dishevelled in the rain. The Occupy movement is about drawing attention to the injustices in the economic and political system and sends out a message that we should seek to reform it [...]

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A few views on occupy wall street etc.

Posted by Realsociology on 25th October 2011

So its day 39 of occupy wall street and day something or other of occupy LSX – these are definitely the the most significant movements to have emerged since the anti-globalisation movement of the late 90s/ early 2000s, and possibly the most important movements for change ever – they have a global reach, unlike the [...]

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Cuts to universities are funding subsidies to Business training programmes

Posted by Realsociology on 25th October 2011

In the sense that University places are being replaced with apprenticeships under current government policy Two recent sources suggest an significant drop in UK students intending to go to unviersity – recent UCAS stats show a 12% drop in applications – 52 000 applicants so far this year, compared to 59 000 last year in [...]

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