Three Alternatives to the Tory Cuts

Given that the three major causes of the crisis are 1. A Failure of government to regulate the finance sector 2. Finance Capitalists (Bankers) having too much power and 3. Capitalism – or at least neoliberal forms of Capitalism – it would seem sensible to tackle these three. Now I’m not saying some form of […]

The Ideal scenario for children – the dual earner household?

Nice little summary of recent research on the effects of mothers working and the behaviour of children from The Millennium Cohort Study funded by the ESRC. Some of the chief findings seem to be – There are no significant detrimental effects on a child’s social or emotional development if their mothers work during their early years […]

Are we protecting children too much?

Hi – in something of a new departure – and definately a positive one – today’s post is a guest post – from Brittany Lyons on excessive UK laws surrounding children’s use of toys… Brittany aspires to be a psychology professor, but decided to take some time off from grad school to help people learn […]

Catfish – A nice documentary to illustrate Hyper-reality

Catfish is  a great 2010 documentary to illustrate the piffalls of the hyperreal world many of us inhabit – It follows a Young photographer Nev Schulman who becomes Facebook friends with Abby Pierce, an eight-year-old child prodigy artist in  Michegan, wafter she sends him a painting of one of his published photographs. The Facebook network then broadens to Abby’s family, including […]

Goldman Sachs conquers Eurozone

No apologies for this post being lazy – this news needs spreading! Ex-Goldman Sach’s employees and current advisors are involved at senior levels of government in nearly every major Eurozone economy. It is in GS’s interests that Nation States pay off their debts, but not necessarily the people’s interest – this does signify the death of […]

The Mobile Phone = the Bike Shed?

The Mobile Phone = The Bike Shed: Children, Sex and Mobile Phones should amuse your students – it’s based on a sample of 30 11-17 olds and it explores territory that many students will be familiar with – using mobile phones to explore their sexualities – in layman’s terms this translates in discussing dating, the etiquet of […]

Head to Occupy #LSX for a real education

Tent city university at the Occupy LSX protest is the most amazingly progressive force for education in Modern Britain – The agenda for tomorrow is like a living, breathing Sociology/ Politics A2 level class…. but probably with a bit more life in it…. As it says on the web site – This is a space to learn, share […]

White households – 20 times wealthier than black households in the bad ‘ole US of A.

The median wealth of white households is 20 times that of black households and 18 times that of Hispanic households, according to a Pew Research Center – 2009 data. The ratios were significantly better in 2005 (when white households were only ten times wealthier than black households) but the recent collapse of the mortgage market and house […]