Tax the rich and avoid public spending cuts – yes, it really is that simple

So for those of you who witnessed a fashion show spectacle in Top Shop, Boots or any of the other large Corporate tax dodging companies in your  local ‘mall’ this morning – the purpose was to raise awareness about the tax gap – and in particular the large amount of tax dodged by some of […]

Are the Muppets really lighting the lights?

The Muppets latest movie features an evil oil tycoon called ‘Tex Richman’ who wants to extract oil from under the Muppets’ old theatre…. The general plot line and name of the character were enough to lead the anchor man of Fox Business, Eric Bolling, to suggest that the movie is promoting an anti-capitalist agenda.,,,, He […]

A brief explanation of how banks have you by the balls…

  Nice analogy of ‘basic banking’ as this is – it’s just a shame that the more esoteric elements of the unreal world of banking can’t be fleshed out in such a straightforward analogy – balls after all are real objects, money isn’t – and banks create more of it out of thin air, lend it […]

Changes to child maintenance policy adds insult to injury to victims of domestic violence

Shocking strap line from a recent Guardian article – worth passing on! Broad support for the radical feminist view that the government isn’t really interested in putting up money to actually support victims of domestic violence – also relevant also a nice case study below to remind you how domestic violence victims who have had children […]

Want to be happy – then start with rejecting everything you’ve learnt about how to achieve it…

In honour of Buddha’s Enlightenment day – a quick post on how the Buddhist view of how we should ‘realise’ happiness appears to be the antithesis of how most of us in the west typically go about trying to ‘achieve’ happiness. The Buddhist Path to Happiness The key to happiness in Buddhism is to follow […]

Sandwich boards – In Vogue!

So I was just doing some surfing – looking up prices of Sandwich boards – (Honestly,  I’m organising a golf sale) and I came across this picture – from a few years back when a judge ordered this shoplifter to wear this sign Anyway, I got to wondering what might be an appropriate slogan for the reverse? 1. […]

‘Honour’ Killings and ‘Honour’ crime on the increase

Reflecting on these may make you a bit less sympathetic to to the moral relitivism of Postmodernism – and a bit more sympathetic with the idea that Feminism might just still be relevant in today’s society after all. Honour killings typically involve a family killing daughters who ‘dishonour’ the family name – namely through having boyfriends they […]

JRF’s Monitoring Poverty and Social Exclusion – shows a growing crisis of underemployment in the UK

Always worthe keeping an eye on – and publicising – the latest report on poverty and social exlusion just recently published by the Jospeph Rowntree Foundation   There’s a year’s lag in the data of course – so this report examines the situation left to the current government by the last Labour government, and includes the initial […]