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What is Globalistaion? With Pretty Pictures

Posted by Realsociology on 31st January 2012

I thought this post might be of use as a starting point for anyone who wants an intro to the topic of Globalisation – I recommend reading the New Internationalist No Nonsense Guide to Globalisation for further info. The term is used in many different ways but at the most basic level, globalisation is about […]

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Top ten infographics for teaching international development

Posted by Realsociology on 29th January 2012

Firslty, like many others, I have to say ”Hats of off to Hans’ and of course everyone else who works on the ‘gapminder project’  – With his truly amazing moving data visualisations combined with his enthusiasm – front man Hans Rosling works wonders with stats and maybe makes you think being 60 odd ain’t that […]

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Britons more dishonest than a decade ago

Posted by Realsociology on 25th January 2012

A recent online survey of 2000 people conducted by reserachers at the university of Essex has found that Britons are more dishonest than ten years ago. The survey asked ten questions about whether they thought a range of activities were justified or not. Some of the key findings are – A decade ago, 70% of people […]

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Whither my vain search for nice graphs on UK wealth statistics

Posted by Realsociology on 24th January 2012

… Hopefully in a response that’ll land me with a link to some nice.. err.. wealth distrbution graphs or pie charts… I’ve spent the last 5 years or so looking for some nice up to date visual resources on wealth distribution in modern Britain, to update the pie chars I’ve gto from about 2006 – with […]

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The Decline of the Nation State?

Posted by Realsociology on 23rd January 2012

This is a perennial question within the topic of Globalisation – three cases this week that illustrate arguements both for and against the continued power of Nation States – Firstly, there is the relationship between America and Iran – Events this week suggest that the ‘undeclared war on Iran is hotting up’ – This week saw the assassination […]

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An extra 100 000 millionaires suggests we’re really not all in this together

Posted by Realsociology on 22nd January 2012

OK – So the number of UK millionaires may have fallen immediately after the crash in 2008, but since then, millionaire numbers have bounced back – rising from 528 000 in 2008 to 619 thousand in 2010. Even worse (well, at least if you’re a fan of justice and equality), over the same period, the […]

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3000 word (oops) summary of chapters 1-4 of Sach’s The End of Poverty

Posted by Realsociology on 22nd January 2012

A Brief Summary of Jeffrey Sach’s End of Poverty – Chapters 1-4 NB –  You might also like this summary of Chapter 8 – Which focusses on AIDs and malaria in Africa It would be useful for students of Global Development to develop a critical understanding of this book because Sachs has been one the […]

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Call centres – The New Dark Satanic Mills?

Posted by Realsociology on 17th January 2012

Check out this job posting from Reed Employment Services ‘Spanish plus another language Customer Service Executive- Edinburgh £14,000 – Working 40 hours per week based in Sighthill, Edinburgh Our client is a market leading outsource contact centre who provides an array of sophisticated customer management solutions to major international companies around the world, primarily in […]

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Social Trends 41 – Income inequality in the UK – updates

Posted by Realsociology on 12th January 2012

Wealth and income data is one of the most important things that Sociology students should keep an eye on – in fact I think everyone should keep an eye on this data, bearing in mind its limitations of course! All of the data below is taken from the ‘wealth and income’ chapter of  Social Trends 41 […]

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Barclays – Banking on hunger

Posted by Realsociology on 10th January 2012

As if the tax evasion wasn’t bad enough (they paid corporation tax of 4.5% last year) Barclays are up for a public eye public shame award (you can vote for them – or one of the other 5 shortlisted companies by clicking on the link) According to Public Eye – Barclays effectively bets on hunger by […]

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