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What percentage of your life will you spend at work?

Posted by Realsociology on 31st March 2012

  I was extremely disappointed with the results returned when I typed the question above into Google – so I thought I’d do the calculations myself. Obviously what’s below is a very general standard, and there will be significant variations dependent on qualifications, actual life expectancy, inheritance leading to earlier retirement, whether you have time […]

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Why Masterchef might make you miserable

Posted by Realsociology on 15th March 2012

Man I smacked down my dinner tonight – Sometimes there’s just nothing like a good old plate of baked beans and eggs on toast – In fact a couple of times a week  it’s the perfect evening meal (given that I generally eat my fruit and crudities at work) – Nutritious (being a veggie I […]

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Differential Educational Achievement by Ethnicity – The Role of Cultural Factors

Posted by Realsociology on 13th March 2012

Teaching this topic this week – thought I’d share a web – based lesson I put together… For A level, and general interest… Results statistics 2012 Break down of stats by region, FSM and ethnicity – not very accessible 2010-11 Latest stats – PDF 2009 Results – A bit older but the easiest to follow! […]

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Gender Inequality in Saudi Arabia

Posted by Realsociology on 12th March 2012

    Saudi Arabia is well known for its high levels of gender inequality – and this week, Janice Turner pointed out that it is the only nation, in ‘flagrant disregard of the Olympic Charter, that will not be sending any women to the games. The rational for this is that exercise, according to the Saudi […]

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Coffee really is bad for your health (and safety)

Posted by Realsociology on 10th March 2012

Two nice articles illustrating the madness of health and safety… both concerning coffee…. In Bournemouth, a bus driver ordered passengers off a bus after a woman spilled some coffee. One woman spilt a third of her cup of coffee while getting on the bus, and then a further ten people were told they couldn’t get […]

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A Buddhist wouldn’t Criticise Fashion, but the thought might sometimes arise…

Posted by Realsociology on 5th March 2012

This is a not-so-brief post on why I think Fashion is pointless – from a Buddhist point of view. It starts off with an allotment analogy but ends up with 6 reasons why I don’t like Fashion. (NB this first draft is quite abstract, I’ll jazz it up with a few pop. Culture references laters….) […]

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A summary and criticism of Dambisa Moyo’s assertions in Dead Aid

Posted by Realsociology on 4th March 2012

In this blog post I summarise Dambisa Moyo’s views on the problems with Aid as a strategy for development – she is talking about Official Development Aid rather than Emergency relief aid. I’m mainly drawing from her writing at the end of chapter 3 and the whole of chapter 4 – and I offer up […]

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Sweet 17s face a sour future….

Posted by Realsociology on 1st March 2012

Believe it or not, I actually remember being 17 quite well – In between the bits where I generally revelled in my own wonderfulness, it mainly involved a lot of ‘misplaced youthful aspiration’ about my potential for doing great and wonderful things such as ‘travelling the world, astrally visiting other planets, joining Ashrams in India, […]

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