My Top Ten Fictional Films with Sociological Content

It annoyed me that I got to the end of term this year and struggled to think of relevant Sociology films I could show. Hence this end of year list – All packed full of Sociological relevance (well, mostly)… In no particular order…. (And links to analysis to follow) Fight Club – The most obvious […]

Christmas Survey

I don’t celebrate Christmas because I don’t have anyone to celebrate it with. Instead I meditate a lot and do my annual spring clean. If you’re also alone this Christmas, I recommend this as a coping strategy. It’s still pretty bleak, but waking up on 27th having had no Christmas with a clean flat is […]

Three Myths of The Young Apprentice

The Young Apprentice is one of the very few programmes I make a point of watching. What’s odd is that I enjoy it even though it spreads three messages that I have a real problem with – Firslty, it gives the impression that there is opportunity out there if ‘you only work hard enough’, when in […]

Ugandan Alchemy or The Resource Curse?

Here is a nice illustration of the resource curse from relatively recent history- taken from the UN The pink line shows Uganda’s gold production The blue line shows Uganda’s gold exports   Note the way in which gold exports, but not gold production, suddenly increases immediately following the entry of  Ugandan troops into the Congo […]

Ten Indicators of Gender Inequality in the UK 2012

OK So accuse me of selection bias… but here are 10 indicators of inequality in the UK by gender… Mainly focusing on work, politics and the media  Looking at ‘positions of privilege’ women account for… 26% of News Journalists (2011) (3% of sports journalists!) 22% of Members of Parliament. Although admittedly numbers have more than doubled in the last 20 […]

Top Four (youtube) Videos for teaching Post-Modernism

I’ve arranged these videos in the order of Easy More difficult More Dude More obtuse. If that order doesn’t make any sense, get with the postmodern programme… Video 1 – Easy – Clearly designed for A level students, with a very very nice example of ‘cultural hybridity’ at the end, courtesy of X-Factor     […]

Gender representation in the FTSE

Latest Figures show that there are now 163 women in executive positions in the FTSE 100 and 189 in the FTSE 250.  While this does represent an increase on 2010 figures (an additional 25 women being added to the FTSE 100 director posititions) representation remains poor – Only 15% of directorships in the FTSE 100 are […]

All I want before Christmas is hours of low grade revision fun with Wordle

I just discovered Wordle – And created this ‘Worlde’ of some of the concepts relevant to the perspectives topic within the SCLY1 module on The Family. A handy ‘revision’ idea might be  to get students to type in concepts to for particular topics to Wordle and then print/ publish them. This won’t, in itself, test any of […]