Why do young people binge drink?

This is a useful podcast from Thinking Allowed which explores the role and meaning of both alcohol and drugs in human life with three academics – Professors James Mills, Fiona Measham and Chris Hackley. This post just focusses on one aspect of the research (there are many more covered!) – The topic of why young people drink excessively, […]

Video Sources for teaching Research Methods

This post is simply a list of good videos for teaching and revising research methods Social Surveys Doing Sociological Research – If you can get over the desperate attempt to be ‘down with the kids’, then the section on survey research in education offers a very useful explanation of sampling and operationalising concepts such as […]

Podcast on The ‘New Criminology’

Bit rich calling it ‘New’ Criminology – since the term hails from the 1970s – but anyway, my enhanced podcast on the topic – You may also know it is as ‘The Neo-Marxist Perspective on Crime’ or ‘Radical Criminology’. This is really for A2 Sociology students studying crime and deviance. Enjoy the enthusiasm in my […]

Using twitter to research sexism

Just stumbled across an interesting use of twitter – I’m not sure exactly what time it started but sometime today (the first tweets originate from 8 Hrs ago, so it must have started circa 12.00 GMT) @EverydaySexism (website here) facilitated a TWITTER CHAT on Street Harassment on the #ShoutingBack encouraging users to tweet their experiences of harassment. […]

Do women really only want to date hot guys?

Plenty of Fish is one of the world’s most popular dating sites. There’s an interesting thread of videos on youtube consisting of disgruntled guys who have used this site moaning about their lack of responses from girls. One ex-user of the site (Steve Sanders) even conducted what can be termed a ‘layman’s field experiments’ to establish why […]

Good Sociology Videos

My top four video ‘hub sites’ – These sites are what I believe to be the best for finding up-to-date information about contemporary sociological video resources. 1 – Top Documentary Films An excellent site for documentaries relevant to Sociology as well as just for general interest too. The site features mainly American and British documentaries, but […]