One thought on “Sociological Perspectives on Advertising”

  1. Interesting discussion above, although it’s not clear who is summarizing Joe Stillerman’s book. Do I infer correctly that the comments in italics are those of the person who is summarizing Joe Stillerman? Anyway, more clarity in this regard would be appreciated. That said, I accept the perspective that advertizing is a non-stop assault of lies and manipulation on the members of a modern capitalist society (e.g. the U.S. of A.) which virtually all of us suffer from and succumb to, to varying extents. As someone who cares about policy and solving problems, I am looking for a discussion that moves to the next step, namely, what can be done practically (e.g., policy, grassroots movement, etc.) to mitigate/curtail the effects and the damage of advertising on society and its members.

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