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The Sociology bit of this blog aims to tackle sociological issues in an accessible way, very much in the spirit of C.Wright Mill’s ‘Sociological Imagination’, Peter Berger’s ‘An Invitation to Sociology’ and Zygmunt Bauman’s ‘Thinking Sociologically’, all of which are recommended as good introductions to real sociology. To my mind, real sociology is Sociology is committed, humanstic, critical, accessible, and interdisciplinary.

Specific Content

The areas I’m interested in are drawn from the subjects I teach at ‘A’ level (16-19), which include The Sociology of The Family, Education, Crime and Deviance and Global Development.

Outside of these areas I’m also interested in the persistence of class inequalities, and encouraging critical awareness of how neoliberal systemic imperatives increasingly colonise our lifeworlds

Finally, following Inge Bell’s 1979 proposition, I’m interested in developing a Buddhist Sociology. Somehow, I feel this is related to both developing a critique of neoliberalism and developing sociological theory into the 21st century. More of that on the next page…

Posts won’t be everyday, they’ll be as I can manage them and will generally conform to one of the following formats

  • Posts where I answer questions posed in the A level syllabi I teach – Not definitive answers, working answers…
  • Posts where I comment on something in the news/ new research thta’s just interesting
  • Posts where I simply provide basic info about aspect of UK society that’s hidden.
  • Book and article summaries as I develop a ‘Buddhist Sociology’ (although at the moment, I’m not actually sure what that is!)

Enjoy! Comments welcome,

Karl. 06/10/13



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  1.   Bruce Says:

    Thanks for the reminder of the 8 fold way and especially how in the West we conspire to do exactly the opposite.


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