Social Class Inequality Visualisations

I had my classes exploring one of my ‘favourite’ topics today – The extent of and explanations for inequalities in life chances by social class, gender and ethnicity – Here a few visual updates and links which highlight the extent of class inequality in the UK today… 1. In Education… 3 year olds from the […]

Why do young people binge drink?

This is a useful podcast from Thinking Allowed which explores the role and meaning of both alcohol and drugs in human life with three academics – Professors James Mills, Fiona Measham and Chris Hackley. This post just focusses on one aspect of the research (there are many more covered!) – The topic of why young people drink excessively, […]

Shard Hacking – Challenging Surveillance Society?

You may have noticed that three thrill seekers recently slipped past (quite literally!) security scaled The Shard , posting pictures of themselves on the Place Hacking Blog – run by Bradley L. Garret. The three are members of the “London Consolidation Crew”, comprising of mainly middle class professionals, who have gained access to more than 300 locations […]

Coffee really is bad for your health (and safety)

Two nice articles illustrating the madness of health and safety… both concerning coffee…. In Bournemouth, a bus driver ordered passengers off a bus after a woman spilled some coffee. One woman spilt a third of her cup of coffee while getting on the bus, and then a further ten people were told they couldn’t get […]

The Police may stop more black people – but this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re racist

And some sensible questions about police racism… Given the recent conviction of Gary Dobson and David Norris for the murder of Stephen Lawrence it seems a fitting moment to reflect on whether the police are any less racist now than they were in 1993 when they failed to prosecute the above two murderers, despite there […]

Sandwich boards – In Vogue!

So I was just doing some surfing – looking up prices of Sandwich boards – (Honestly,  I’m organising a golf sale) and I came across this picture – from a few years back when a judge ordered this shoplifter to wear this sign Anyway, I got to wondering what might be an appropriate slogan for the reverse? 1. […]

‘Honour’ Killings and ‘Honour’ crime on the increase

Reflecting on these may make you a bit less sympathetic to to the moral relitivism of Postmodernism – and a bit more sympathetic with the idea that Feminism might just still be relevant in today’s society after all. Honour killings typically involve a family killing daughters who ‘dishonour’ the family name – namely through having boyfriends they […]