TTIP – Putting Profit before People

The government is about to sign up to a treaty which will would allow companies like Sports Direct (just a random example) to sue a future government for increasing the minimum wage, if introducing such a policy damaged corporate profits. The treaty’s called the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership – And it’s seems to be […]

Inequality updates – UK Focus

While the recent recession and ‘recovery’ have meant economic hardship and uncertainty for the majority, the VERY rich have got relatively richer. Before looking at things sociologically (looking at the bigger picture) I’d just llike to say THANKS AGAIN TO THE BBC* for another excellent example of narrow-reporting which fosters false consciousness – This item […]

Three Myths of The Young Apprentice

The Young Apprentice is one of the very few programmes I make a point of watching. What’s odd is that I enjoy it even though it spreads three messages that I have a real problem with – Firslty, it gives the impression that there is opportunity out there if ‘you only work hard enough’, when in […]

Anyone else getting irritated by the BBC’s lurch to the right?

The Labour party recently made a “serious complaint” to the BBC about a lack of political balance in its news coverage According to the Guardian – ‘Party officials monitored invitations, and time given, to senior Tory and Liberal Democrat figures on the BBC’s main news outlets against that allotted to Labour counterparts. Their analysis showed […]

Are the Muppets really lighting the lights?

The Muppets latest movie features an evil oil tycoon called ‘Tex Richman’ who wants to extract oil from under the Muppets’ old theatre…. The general plot line and name of the character were enough to lead the anchor man of Fox Business, Eric Bolling, to suggest that the movie is promoting an anti-capitalist agenda.,,,, He […]

Three Alternatives to the Tory Cuts

Given that the three major causes of the crisis are 1. A Failure of government to regulate the finance sector 2. Finance Capitalists (Bankers) having too much power and 3. Capitalism – or at least neoliberal forms of Capitalism – it would seem sensible to tackle these three. Now I’m not saying some form of […]

Time Management – More about ideological control than stress reduction?

It’s National Stress Awareness Day – I was alerted to this fact by a blog post on ’10 ways to cope with stress’ from the equality and diversity blog.  I generally like this blog, and some of the ten suggestions for dealing with stress are perfectly legitimate, but, based on 10 years of working within education,  I had to take issue […]

Sesame street’s Hungry Puppet – It sucks being poor, but here’s how to cope

Sesame Street recently introduced a new puppet – Lilly, whose family is living on the breadline, like 17 million families in America who face ‘food insecurity’. She was introduced in an hour long special called ‘growing hope against hunger’  in which advice was given about how to cope with poverty. I know this is suppossed to be […]

Cost of different types of fraud to the UK economy

I just knocked up this little bar chart based on data from this article  by Polly Toynbee I think it illustrates quite nicely how benefit fraud really isn’t a problem in the grand scheme of things. Given that fewer people commit financial fraud than benefit fraud (the amounts are larger in the former) surely on […]

Agenda Setting round up

Some recent examples of agenda setting in the news – both taken from Private Eye – Firstly, on December 15th, the BBC devoted 3 minutes of air time to promoting its remake of ‘Upstairs Downstairs’ – more important than providing more detailed analysis of other events that day? Secondly – you may remember way back in […]