How to Revise AS Sociology Efficiently – Focusing on Marriage and Divorce

Riveting title I know, but then again it is ‘revision season’. Basically I’m trying to get the point across that there are 5 stages to effective revision (none of which have got anything to do with ‘learning styles': 1. Know what you need to know! 2. Get your hands on/ make some revision notes – […]

Social class and educational achievement essay plan

Assess the extent to which home based, rather than school – based factors account for social class based differences in educational achievement (20) Let this post stand as a monument to how much I hate marking essays – I just spent 20 minutes writing it – the unconscious motivation obviously being to avoid marking four dozen with same […]

Examine sociological perspectives on Prison as a form of Punishment in society (21)

1. Functionalists would point to the positive functions prison might perform in society –Prison could act as a deterrent – thus reinforcing social regulation; and it should also work to maintain equilibrium and balance in our society – making up for the failings of other institutions such as the family and the education system – […]

A2 Crime and Deviance – Methods in context essay plan

Examine the strengths and limitations of using Covert Participant Observation to research the extent to which Racism exists in the Police Force (15) Research is needed on this topic is because it would help us to answer the question of whether ethnic minorities are over represented in the prison population due to their having higher […]

Examine Sociological Perspectives on State Crime

Given that committing crime involves breaking the law and given that the state is the origin of the law, it would initially appear that the concept of the state committing crime is an oxymoron.  As one would expect, this would appear to be the line taken by the government – politicians sometimes seem to be […]

Social Control Essay Plan

Assess the Contribution of Social Control Theory to an understanding of Crime and Deviance (21) Social Control Theory sees crime as a result of social institutions losing control over individuals. This is associated with the Functionalist point of view, fist being expounded by Emile Durkheim who argued that when social institutions such as the family, education, […]