Increasing income inequality in the UK

I thought this infographic showing income inequality was worth sharing (From the Equality Trust) – Unfortunately (if you think income inequality is bad!) things have got even worse since 2012! Britain’s top executives are now paid around 130 times their average employee, according to analysis released today by the High Pay Centre think-tank.  Income inequality […]

Corporate Pay Rises by 49% – Another reason to support #LSX

Research from Income Data Services showed that directors of companies on Britain’s FTSE 100 index enjoyed a 49 percent rise in total salaries last year compared to 3 percent rise for the FTSE 100 in the last business year.The total annual pay for the directors now averages 2.7 million pounds This compares to a recent drop […]

Happiness is just around the corner and other ‘anti-Capitalist’ cartoons

- Double header of Marxism* coming up in Sociology next week – The Marxist perspective on crime in A2 and intro to Marxism in AS – and here’s some nice cartoons that illustrate the broad marxist critique of Capitalism – Firstly, an animated cartoon – the rat race – And the non-animated version And secondly – from […]

My top four examples of elites getting away with crime

So in week 2 this term – we look at what the crusty old men at the AQA label the ‘Marxist’ perspective on crime – part of what they say the ‘Marxist’ perspective is involves the Criminal Justice System being unfair – here are four examples that support this view – four examples of elites getting […]

Book Plug – Why Marx was Right, Terry Eagleton

Why Marx was Right refutes ten criticisms levelled at Marx and Marxism over the years by drawing on material from Marx and Engel’s original writings and by looking at how Marxism has evolved over the last century and a half. Just some of the ten criticisms of Marx Eagleton refutes – in ten chapters -include […]

The incredible immorality of corporate greed

  How Capitalism encourages individuals to be selfish Post to supplement class HO on ‘Crimogenic Capitalism’ The next time you enjoy an ice cold coke, try to look beyond the cute Christmassy connotations, get beyond the warm reassuring notion that ‘there’s always coca cola’ and take some time out to discover the not so refreshing […]

Work is more violent than the streets!

According to Professor Steve Tombs anyway – in this report where he compares the costs of work based crime (deaths and injury caused by breaches of Health and Safety law) with the costs of street crime Although such comparisons can only be broadly indicative, they do lead us to the rather undeniable conclusion – that work […]

Thinking Allowed – White Collar Crime

The link below will take you to the ‘Thinking Allowed’ archive for Crime and Deviance – if you scroll down you will find three programmes on ‘White Collar Crime’ – The programmes look at the culture, practice and prosecution of white collar crime, with Laurie speaking to leading academic experts and professionals on both sides of […]