Economic Globalisation – Optimist, Pessimist and Traditionalist Views

 I teach International Development as the option for A2 Sociology SCLY3 – I’m posting up most of my resources in order to encourage more people to teach it! Economic Globalisation – The Optimist View The main evidence for economic globalisation lies in the fact that there is now a single, fully integrated global economy. At one level, […]

Human Development Index Report 2011 – Barriers to future development

The latest HDI report was out a few days ago – you can download the whole thing from the UN website and there’s a handy Guardian map here. Norway comes out on top, with the Democratic Republic at the bottom. The HDI measures development by looking at progress on income, health and education – and […]

How BP and other oil companies get away with murder….

Do you know where the USA gets most of its oil from – It’s not Saudi Arabia, it’s not South America, not Nigeria – no, its Alberta, Canada, and Dirty Oil is a thoroughly depressing documentary that looks at the devastating environmental and social impacts of tar sands extraction from a region the size of […]

Profit before People – Madagascan Tar Sands Extraction

This could be the worst case of Corporate exploitation I’ve ever seen…. Jeremy Williams from Make Wealth History reports that  the contracts for the country’s oil sands lie with a conglomerate called Madagascar Oil. This company co- founded by the notorious Alan Bond, a man who was convicted and jailed for Australia’s biggest ever corporate […]