Sonny’s Lettah – Linton Kwesi Johnson

Listened to this with my class yesterday – a great way of illustrating the extent of police racism in the 1980s as manifested most obviously under the sus laws – Sonny’s Lettah is taken almost verbatim from a letter written by a black youth (according to this blog) to his mother in Jamaica explaning why […]

The MET’s abuse of stop and search – what role did it play in sparking the riots?

No doubt over coming weeks, we will keep hearing that the causes of the riots are complex – but if you ask locals in Tottenham and other areas – one of the main factors is anger over the use of military policing, especially the overuse of stop and search by the MET in those areas […]

Marauding rioters, mindless violence, pure criminality and shallow analysis

We are now into the third day of night time riots and looting – and mainstream news seems to have got back to business as usual – after two days of ‘media shock’ in which BBC News 24 seemed to be doing a reasonable job of reporting – anyone was up for being interviewed – […]

Police ‘assaulted’ disabled guy for ‘his own safety’

You may remember this incident from a protest last December – The Met acknowledged that “there is evidence that Jody McIntyre was inadvertently struck with a police baton.” But the inquiry found this was “justifiable and lawful” because of the “volatile and dangerous situation.” “The investigation has found that violent disorder was occurring at the […]