Sociology on TV – The 1970s

The first in this four part series took a relatively in-depth look at the very early years of the 1970s, examining the cultural shifts taking place in the context of Britain’s adaptation to a globalising economy. I don’t teach it, but I imagine the show will be extremely useful for the SCLY1 culture and identity […]

Sonny’s Lettah – Linton Kwesi Johnson

Listened to this with my class yesterday – a great way of illustrating the extent of police racism in the 1980s as manifested most obviously under the sus laws – Sonny’s Lettah is taken almost verbatim from a letter written by a black youth (according to this blog) to his mother in Jamaica explaning why […]

The Message – RIP freedom of speach in the UK

This blog post reports how, on 3rd July 2011, twenty-six year old Manchester rapper Yosh was just starting his set at a community event in Rochdale’s Broadfield Park. He asked the crowd “who wants to hear how the police statistically stop more ethnic minorities than white people?”, and launched into The Message, at which point […]

You’re the most annoying dude I ever seen brah

Could you please move, you’re right in front of the quinoa. If we pretend it’s not a total mick-take, and that this is a genuine song about the lived experience of middle class angst, then it certainly ticks the ‘authentic’ box, so is this hip-hpp? I mean is it ‘true’ to the roots of the movement? (As represented by […]

Is Nicola Roberts the ultimate Female Eunuch?

Even though she’s a lesbian? Well look, actually I don’t know if she’s a lesbian or bisexual or what and frankly I don’t care – whatever – and I mean ‘whatever’ – her sexuality is – she is obviously obsessed with her looks and judging by the photos below it appears that she actually wants wants […]

I don’t know what happened just then..

Westwood – Akala & MC Marechal freestyle 1Xtra Me neither – but I’d  agree with the general consensus that the Brazilian guy is a legend. This is also a pretty good example of grass roots counter-hegemonic praxis and also a good example of  and cultural gloablisation and cultural hybridity -as well as some  intelligent lyrics […]

Do they know it’s Christmas…?

No doubt you will have to suffer through this classic song by band aid again this Christmas.    While in sufferance, you may as well do the following –   1. Try to find at least four misreprentations of ‘Africa’ in the song.  2. Think about whether you agree with Chumbawamba’s reasons behind releasing  ‘Pictures of Starving Children Sell Records’ 1986 […]

Sociopops – The Arctic Monkeys – guest starring Gordon Brown

Back in 2006, I thought it laughable that Gordon Brown expressed a liking for the Arctic Monkeys. Having just got around to listening to 2/3rds of an album – which seams to consist mainly of songs about socialising with precious little insight of any depth – I’m left wondering…  The Arctic Monkeys have obviously got, or at […]