Three Alternatives to the Tory Cuts

Given that the three major causes of the crisis are 1. A Failure of government to regulate the finance sector 2. Finance Capitalists (Bankers) having too much power and 3. Capitalism – or at least neoliberal forms of Capitalism – it would seem sensible to tackle these three. Now I’m not saying some form of […]

Labour overspending did not cause the deficit and the Tory cuts are not the solution

It’s important that we keep the ‘no to the Tory cuts’ theme ticking over – I found this in ‘The Week’ Ed Milliband claimed last week that when Labour left office in May, there may well have been ‘no money left’ but this was because the global financial crisis had resulted in recession and a […]

Clegg argues tuition fees will raise social mobility

Karl argues – Clegg’s full of s**t Social mobility measures the degree to which people’s social status changes between generations. If social mobility exists it suggests that individuals are not being advantaged or disadvantaged by their class, gender or ethnic background.   Now for most ordinary people – education is the key to social mobility […]

Raising tuition fees – bad for democracy and meritocracy

You would expect this survey by the NUS to report that adults are against the increase in tuition fees, but the findings are back up by the results of two other surveys I found – According to this online survey of a representative sample of 2,001 British adults, 70 per cent of respondents oppose the increase […]

Children in need of change not charity

Since 1980 Children in need has raised the dismally small sum of £500 million … a sum which is nowhere near – I mean nowhere near – the amount needed to tackle child poverty even in the short term. One in three (4 million) children in the UK are currently living in poverty and the […]

18 of the 23 Tory Cabinet are millionnaires

Hey – Just in case you were wondering why the Tories are making you and your parents pay for this current economic crises – part of the reason is perhaps because most of them are millionaires and they simply do not understand what life is like for ordinary people and can afford not to care about the rest of […]