How the median income earner could retire at 52

Over the summer I worked out that a 35 year old earning the median salary could potentially retire at 52, if they just stop buying crap they don’t need now. In contrast, the expenditure levels of the average worker-consumer effectively tie them into working until the current standard retirement age of 68. This post is […]

Single parents and poverty

I was particularly interested in the middle section of this infographic which compares the life chances of children of dual-parent households with those of children from single parent households – while controlling for household income. It suggests that there is a rather strong correlation between single-parent households and an increased likelihood of their children falling […]

China and Russia – Among the world’s worst human rights abusers

China and Russia have both been moved to the bottom tier of the U.S. human trafficking rank, joining the likes of North Korea, Sudan, and Zimbabwe, according to a recent U.S. State department report. In China, the one-child policy and a cultural preference for male children perpetuates the trafficking of brides and prostitutes. Chinese sex […]

Rapidly Developing Countries – Set to become rich countries full of poor people?

Nice article here outlining some arguments for the continued relevance of dependency theory – ending on a particular pertinent prophecy by Joseph Stiglitz – that our world is set to become one of more rich countries full of poor people – but is this true? Looking at the world’s 10 fastest growing economies there seems […]

Theories of Globalisation

This summary is designed for A level students studying the SCLY3 module in Global Development and outlines four persepectives on globalisation. Optimist Globalism – Globalisation is mostly positive 1. More international trade, especially since the 1950s = Increasing wealth, health, education for most countries. Evidence below This Hans Rosling Video illustrates the relationship between increasing […]

Video Sources for teaching Research Methods

This post is simply a list of good videos for teaching and revising research methods Social Surveys Doing Sociological Research – If you can get over the desperate attempt to be ‘down with the kids’, then the section on survey research in education offers a very useful explanation of sampling and operationalising concepts such as […]