Who are you? (Laughter)

The video below shows a number of people laughing when asked the question ‘who are you’? (1.55)   These people are all highly respected, typically well- educated (in the formal sense of the word) teachers from a range of different spiritual traditions (most, if not all wiill be in attendance at the Science and Nonduality […]

Christmas Survey

I don’t celebrate Christmas because I don’t have anyone to celebrate it with. Instead I meditate a lot and do my annual spring clean. If you’re also alone this Christmas, I recommend this as a coping strategy. It’s still pretty bleak, but waking up on 27th having had no Christmas with a clean flat is […]

Top Four (youtube) Videos for teaching Post-Modernism

I’ve arranged these videos in the order of Easy More difficult More Dude More obtuse. If that order doesn’t make any sense, get with the postmodern programme… Video 1 – Easy – Clearly designed for A level students, with a very very nice example of ‘cultural hybridity’ at the end, courtesy of X-Factor     […]

Web site of the week – the British Sociological Association

It may be aimed at post-grads and beyond, but The British Sociological Association is useful to the average A level student in five ways – The ‘what is Sociology’ section of the site is readily understandable – and of direct relevance to the ‘should sociology be a science’ debate The press releases section offers some nice summaries […]

Ed Miliband – Influenced by Zygmunt Bauman?

Much to my delight I just stumbled across this article in the Guardian. Turns out that the new labour leader Ed Miliband is good friends with Bauman! I feel like I should have known this before somehow… Some good news on which to end the week! All I’ve done below is cut and paste a few highlights – […]

Web site of the Week – RSA videos

  I just wanted to flag up these RSA videos as an excellent way of introducing some very complex ideas – the ideas covered in these videos go beyond sociology – there are typically about theories that draw on many different academic disciplines, but for those of you that like thinking about sociology/ politics/ philosophy […]

Ten left wing and feminist ideas from the A Level Sociology course

The Mainstream Media is not a ‘reflection of reality’ or a ‘window on the world’ – thin beautiful women are over-represented, as are the middle and capitalist classes – people on average are not as wealthy or beautiful as the media would have you believe.   Relative deprivation, social exclusion and poverty are rife in […]