My Early Retirement Experiment


This page contains links to posts which outline my ongoing early retirement experiment (currently 41 (Feb 2015) and aiming for retirement by 48). To be linked up shortly. 

If you’d prefer the linear version then why not buy my book –

Early Retirement Strategies for the Average Income Earner, or A Critique of Curiously Ordinary Life of the Everyday Worker-Consumer

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Also available on Amazon, but for $3.10 because I’d get a much lower cut if I charged less!


Links to blog posts on Early Retirement

My early semi-retirement strategy

January 2015 Early Retirement Update

Specific Strategies for Early Retirement 

The years saved below are calculated taking a 35 year old earning the median salary in the UK. 

How the Median Income Earner Can Retire at 52 – Statistical Overview

Pay off your mortgage in 10 years and retire 2 years earlier (compared to paying it off in 25)

Cut out the car and retire 5 years earlier

Cut out ‘consumer frivolities’ and retire 4 years earlier

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