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Kirsty and Phil’s unrealistic christmas

kirstie-phil-christmas-lgNow after everything I’ve said about the Marxist view of the family not being especially relevant anymore up pop this obnoxious pair of petit-bourgeois media lovies to prove me wrong.

In the show this utterly detestable pair demonstrate how much money you could be spending this Christmas – typically visiting some upmarket gift shops and food stalls to purchase a bewildering array of non-necesseties to make that ‘speical day’ extra special.

How utterly bourgois this is – this kind of month long ‘make everything yourself build up’ is great if you happen to be earning £200 000 a year (just an estimate) as a TV presenter – then you’ve got the time and the money to invest.

For the average person, however,  all this show is going to do is enhance the sense of relative deprivation about how poor their own Christmas is by comparison and encourage them to put even more money on their credit card.

There’s even something hyper-real about this show – I’m sure they alter the colour filters on the cameras to give it that extra reddy-warm Christmas feel – if you know what I mean.

Now my advice is to pick up the remote – switch off the TV – stand up – go over to said TV – unplug – period – now welcome to YOUR reality. And if you must celebrate christmas, don’t over consume, it really won’t do anything to give you or anyone else meaningful, lasting, deep-rooted happiness.

What would Jesus buy?

Hi and welcome to a seasonal series of blog posts – ‘Subverting Christmas…’ To get you thinking about how utterly co-opted this fesitival has become by the dictates of Capitalist Consumer Culture.

To start off with, this looks like a good documentary – from the ‘Church of stop shopping’ – called ‘What would Jesus Buy’ ?

A quote from the Church’s leader Reverend Billy ”We’re trying to get people to slow down their consumption.. we’re addicted. we’re conflited, hypnotised, consumerised”

the church of stop shopping

Reverend Billy and The church of stop shopping are critical of our addiction to shopping – especially at Christmas. They suggest we are facing a ‘Shopocalypse’ – arguing that overconsumption fuels the debt crisist, global warming and destroys local economies and communities if products are purchased from TNCs. They suggest that we should use Christmas as a time to develop positive new low-consumption habits – learning to be happy with less!


If you can’t ‘back away from the product’ entirely this Christmas, then at least shop locally! Allejuah Amen!