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Labour overspending did not cause the deficit and the Tory cuts are not the solution

It’s important that we keep the ‘no to the Tory cuts’ theme ticking over – I found this in ‘The Week’

Ed Milliband claimed last week that when Labour left office in May, there may well have been ‘no money left’ but this was because the global financial crisis had resulted in recession and a collapse in tax revenues rather than ‘chronic overspending’. Is this Ed getting his act together at last?

The Tories of course are now lying to us, saying that the cause of the UK’s budget deficit was overspending rather than declining taxes.  It is this blatant lie that serves as their justification for cutting our public services.

Will Straw, on Left Foot Forward argues that it’s important to nail this Tory lie and to remember that the Tory cuts are both unnecessary and reckless!

I would further reiterate that it is important to keep in mind that the Tory cuts to services combined with cuts to Corporation Tax and their failure to regulate the finance sector amount to class war against the British population as a whole – their economic policies amount to reducing the quality of life for the majority while increasing the wealth, or at least minimizing the reduction of wealth in an economic downturn, to the transnational capitalist class, many of whom are finance capitalists –( bankers and hedge fund managers)

Politicised youth…?

A good speech from one of the students who was kettled a couple of weeks ago….’We are no longer the X-factor generation….school children learnt a lot from how the media and the police responded to their protests… school children who used to think tube strikes were annoying are now standing in solidarity with striking tube workers’ great stuff…..  


Although the accent doesn’t exactly suggest working class comprehensive school! I also wonder how many school kids were there to protest about the issue and how many were there just for a day off, how many for the ruck? These are the kind of things that you can never be certain of – very difficult to research with any level of validity.