Web site of the Week – The Centre for Crime and Justice Studies

The Centre for Crime and Justice Studies is an excellent site for keeping up to date with Criminological research – They say of themselves ‘Our mission is to promote just and effective responses to crime and related harms by informing and educating through critical analysis, research and public debate.’

You can subscribe to a monthly bulletin and they do a number of critical reseach papers.

To give you an idea of their kind of approach a few years back they ran a photography competition – exploring the question ‘what is crime’ through photography. The results can be viewed by clicking here

My particular favourite is the entry below – which struck a chord because I’ve been reading a lot about gang crime and media coverage of gang crime recently.

1193_181503s‘gemma’ – By Laura Pannack. ‘Society has a tendency to enforce blame on the younger generation for crime and violence. These negative stereo-types encourage further rebellion and prevent young people from gaining self confidence and aspiration; they fuel a lack of self worth and anger. I have intentionally left it unclear whether my subjects are offenders on probation, pupils with special needs, private school attendants or other young people I have encountered. Titled with the forename of each young person, gives the viewer a hint as to their identity without attaching stigma ? and emphasising the fact that each of my subjects is unique.’

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