4 thoughts on “Summary of Runaway World by Anthony Giddens”

  1. Dear Sir,
    I am Shaji,E is a sociology Phd Research Scholar, in Barkatullah University, Bhoal, Madhya Pradesh, India. I wish to read more on Globalization as it is a relevant subject for us all.
    Thanks for your article. It is very encouraging to see such a beautiful article.
    Thanks and mail me good articles of Mr. Antony Giddens.Shaji,E.

  2. hi sir
    my name is daniel from west africa.Reading sociology as part of my courses at the university, I came across the runaway world,and there and then I had interest in it.It has really being of good help to me.But I would like, if possible, to get a succinct, clear and a concise overview of chapter 2 and 3 that is between pages 20-50.I would be very greatful if I get it.A review of not more than 3 pages on the aforementioned chapters. thanks for considering my plea

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