Who does the housework? Some relatively recent research on the domestic division of labour

Who does the housework and childcare – men or women? This is a classic question for the AS Family module, below are a few updates of survey data and a few pointers at the end to get some analysis marks in the exam. Oh and shame on the timeservers who write the main AS level […]

Agenda Setting round up

Some recent examples of agenda setting in the news – both taken from Private Eye – Firstly, on December 15th, the BBC devoted 3 minutes of air time to promoting its remake of ‘Upstairs Downstairs’ – more important than providing more detailed analysis of other events that day? Secondly – you may remember way back in […]

End of term Christmas Movie – might’ve been Fight Club

Definately one of the most ‘sociological movies’ of all time – fighting for the boys, Brad Pitt for the girls, and Meatloaf for us all! Perfect for the end of term. A quote from the movie… “God dammit, an entire generation pumping gas, waiting tables, slaves with white collars. Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, […]

Private Finance Initiatives

Private Finance Initiatives involve private companies providing services for government departments for a profit. They were first introduced by John Major, expanded massively under New Labour and they remain popular with the current government. The theory behind PFIs is that it should enable the government to provide services for less money – the theory is […]

Do they know it’s Christmas…?

No doubt you will have to suffer through this classic song by band aid again this Christmas.    While in sufferance, you may as well do the following –   1. Try to find at least four misreprentations of ‘Africa’ in the song.  2. Think about whether you agree with Chumbawamba’s reasons behind releasing  ‘Pictures of Starving Children Sell Records’ 1986 […]