Classroom Warriors – Uncritical citizens

Panorama examines government plans to send in the troops to Britain’s troubled classrooms. The plan here is to encourage ex service men to retrain as teachers. The premise of the plan is that there are too many schools in which disruptive troublemakers are driving teachers to breaking point while other students miss out on a […]

The UK government thinks profit for the arms industry is more important than the spread of democracy

You could hardly have missed the wave of revolutionary protests against despotic regimes currently sweeping through North Africa and parts of the Middle East. Hopefully, you’ve been avoiding myopic mainstream news coverage which has increasingly focussed on the evacuation of British citizens ‘stranded’ in Libya – and instead been following via the much more credible […]

Video resources for Global Development

Bruce Parry’s Tribe is just great for illustrating ‘traditional cultures’ -(the Hamar episode is especially good for how ‘cultural barriers’ may prevent ‘western style development’) –  the web site has a wonderful overview of the two dozen tribes Parry’s stayed with over the three series, including a nice map that zooms in on the specific area. Annoyingly […]

Aid Dependency and Neo-Liberalism

A quote from Dambisa Moyo’s highly selective and poorly referenced populist book on aid-dependency could equally be a critique of the neo-liberal culture she perpetuates …The quote… ‘Unfortunately, unfettered money (the prospect of sizeable ill- gotton gains) is exceptionally corrosive, and misallocates talent. In an aid-dependent environment, the talented – the better education and more […]

What is The Human Development Index?

I’ve developed a new appreciation for how crazy the HDI is as a measurement of a country’s development. Thank the lord they don’t apply the same sliding scale criteria to educational achievement in this country – oh, hang on, they do! Anyway – here’s some info on the HDI…. The Human Development Index is a […]