You’re the most annoying dude I ever seen brah

Could you please move, you’re right in front of the quinoa. If we pretend it’s not a total mick-take, and that this is a genuine song about the lived experience of middle class angst, then it certainly ticks the ‘authentic’ box, so is this hip-hpp? I mean is it ‘true’ to the roots of the movement? (As represented by […]

Is the media responsible for our ‘unhinged sense of entitlement’?

I just found the whole of Charlie Brookers ‘how T’V ruined your life’ – the aspiration video on youtube. I think this is my new favourite teaching resource of the year by a long way – great for teaching media effects, relative deprivation, and for demonstrating to the students just how utterly absured the mainstream […]

Is Nicola Roberts the ultimate Female Eunuch?

Even though she’s a lesbian? Well look, actually I don’t know if she’s a lesbian or bisexual or what and frankly I don’t care – whatever – and I mean ‘whatever’ – her sexuality is – she is obviously obsessed with her looks and judging by the photos below it appears that she actually wants wants […]

I don’t know what happened just then..

Westwood – Akala & MC Marechal freestyle 1Xtra Me neither – but I’d  agree with the general consensus that the Brazilian guy is a legend. This is also a pretty good example of grass roots counter-hegemonic praxis and also a good example of  and cultural gloablisation and cultural hybridity -as well as some  intelligent lyrics […]

How to raise £5000 for charity with a 67 word text message

New form of crowdsourced microfinance – has the feelgood factor, sort of, although I’m left feeling slightly uncomfortable about the totally uncritical nature of it – also by the naked truth of the human pysche in late capitalist society – i.e. do we really only give because we feel good and get recognised for it? Still, it’s a […]

Cyber-Utopianism and its critics

The perfect video for teaching an aspect of the the cultural optimism vs cultural pessimism within the globalisation debate – summarised below Ygveny Morozov criticises the widespread assumption that the spread of the internet will  automatically lead to more democracy and fewer human rights abuses – the basic optimist assumption is that the spread of […]

Profit before People – Madagascan Tar Sands Extraction

This could be the worst case of Corporate exploitation I’ve ever seen…. Jeremy Williams from Make Wealth History reports that  the contracts for the country’s oil sands lie with a conglomerate called Madagascar Oil. This company co- founded by the notorious Alan Bond, a man who was convicted and jailed for Australia’s biggest ever corporate […]